Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge: A Marvel of Engineering


Discover the stunning beauty of the eshima ohashi grand bridge in Japan. Explore its design, structure, and appeal as a tourist attraction.

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge, located in Japan, is not only an essential part of the local infrastructure but also a marvel of engineering that has captivated people around the world. In this article, we will delve into the significance and allure of this bridge, exploring its design, technical specifications, and tourist appeal. Let’s embark on this exciting journey!

History and Background

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge is known for its steep incline.

Unveiling the Bridge’s Background

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge, also known as the Eshima Ohashi Bridge, stands proudly as a cable-stayed bridge nestled between Matsue and Sakaiminato, Japan. Spanning 1.7 kilometers and towering at a height of 144 meters, it is the third-largest rigid-frame bridge worldwide. This architectural wonder links the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato over Lake Nakaumi.

Mastering the Bridge’s Construction

Construction of the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge commenced in 1997, culminating in its completion in 2004. Designed by Satoshi Kashima and built by the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority, this bridge’s unique structure was heavily influenced by the area’s topography. The engineers and construction workers adeptly navigated challenges to allow ships to pass beneath it.

Overcoming Construction Challenges

Building the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge was no small feat. The region’s topography posed a considerable obstacle to engineers and workers alike. The bridge had to be erected on a steep slope to accommodate passing ships, making it one of the steepest bridges globally. Despite these challenges, the bridge’s construction was successfully completed, remaining a testament to engineering ingenuity to this day.

Design and Structure

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge offers stunning sunset views.

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge, a cable-stayed wonder, spans the picturesque Nakaumi Lake in Japan. Connecting Matsue in Shimane Prefecture to Sakaiminato in Tottori Prefecture, this bridge’s design resembles an exhilarating rollercoaster with its steep incline and decline.

A Closer Look at the Bridge’s Design

Stretching across 1.7 kilometers, the bridge boasts a width of 11.3 meters and a height of 44 meters. Its distinctive design serves a purpose: enabling large ships to navigate freely through the lake without the need for a drawbridge. With inclines and declines measuring 6.1% and 5.1%, respectively, the bridge ensures safe passage for vehicles.

Structural Components of the Bridge

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge combines steel and concrete in its construction. Two main towers, crafted from reinforced concrete, support the bridge deck, standing tall at 144 meters. The cables that uphold the bridge deck are made of high-tensile steel wires firmly anchored to the towers.

Unique Features of the Bridge

Beyond its striking design, the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge boasts additional noteworthy features. Illuminated by enchanting LED lights at night, the bridge takes on a mesmerizing appearance. Furthermore, a dedicated pedestrian path grants tourists the opportunity to take leisurely strolls while reveling in the scenic vistas of the lake and its surrounding mountains. With its alluring design and captivating features, the bridge has become an unmissable attraction for those visiting Japan.

Technical Specifications

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge is a marvel of engineering.

When it comes to technical specifications, the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge is undoubtedly impressive. Let’s delve into its key details.

Length, Width, and Height of the Bridge

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge stretches approximately 1.7 kilometers, making it one of the world’s longest rigid-frame bridges. Its width measures 11.3 meters at its narrowest point and an expansive 44 meters at its widest point. Rising 44 meters above sea level, the central span confidently commands attention.

Materials Used in the Construction of the Bridge

To bring the bridge to life, a combination of steel and concrete was employed. Steel formed the bridge’s frame, while concrete shaped its surface. This harmonious blend ensured the creation of a bridge that boasts both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Weight Capacity and Maximum Speed Limit

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge was designed to support substantial weight. With a staggering weight capacity of 1,400 tons, the bridge can accommodate heavy trucks and other large vehicles with ease. Additionally, a maximum speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour is enforced to guarantee the safety of all bridge users.

Tourist Attraction

The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge offers beautiful reflections in the water.

For those planning a visit to the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge, the surrounding area boasts several captivating tourist destinations that demand exploration. Here, we highlight some of the top attractions awaiting your discovery:

1. Mizuki Shigeru Road

Immerse yourself in the world of the famous manga artist Shigeru Mizuki along Mizuki Shigeru Road. This street showcases bronze statues of Mizuki’s beloved characters and houses a dedicated museum honoring his illustrious work, including the iconic GeGeGe no Kitaro.

2. Lake Nakaumi

Situated near the bridge, Lake Nakaumi offers a scenic oasis perfect for a variety of water activities. Whether kayaking or paddleboarding strikes your fancy, the tranquil lake provides the ideal backdrop. You can also embark on a delightful cruise, enabling you to revel in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

3. Yonago Castle Ruins

Indulge your historical curiosity at the Yonago Castle Ruins, an ancient site dating back to the 16th century. These ruins offer a glimpse into Japan’s feudal past, fostering a serene atmosphere that encourages introspection.

While visiting the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge, seize the chance to take a leisurely stroll, immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring views. Alternatively, rent a bike and embark on a unique adventure, cycling across this magnificent structure. Be sure to time your visit during sunrise or sunset when the sky’s vibrant hues paint a breathtaking panorama. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the cherished memories of your visit to the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge.


The Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge is a popular spot for autumn foliage viewing.

In conclusion, the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge stands as an architectural masterpiece and an enticing tourist attraction in Japan. This bridge not only enhances the local infrastructure but also symbolizes Japanese engineering excellence and innovation. We have embarked on a journey through its history, design, technical specifications, and tourist allure, highlighting its status as a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Japan.

If you find yourself near the Eshima Ohashi Grand Bridge, ensure you allocate time to witness its beauty firsthand. For more exciting news and stories about nature, gardening, animals, and beyond, visit TooLacks. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest and greatest information on all nature-related topics. Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary exploration!